Amy Rose Hermsen

Honored by:Matt and David HermsenWhite
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Amy Rose Hermsen (born Dec 19, 1966), a graduate of Iowa State with degrees in Women’s Studies and Art, has dedicated her life to bettering the lives of others.

Amy’s work focuses on photographing women of all ages, especially mothers and grandmothers who frequently find themselves behind the camera, rather than in the picture. These women, lost in the job of motherhood, often feel to be only a shell of their former beauty.

Amy provides not just photographs, but experiences. Through the power of photography, Amy shows these women that they are not just beautiful enough to be in a photo, but that they are gorgeous. That beauty manifests itself in all people of all ages, and that everyone deserves a life in which they not just feel beautiful, but know they are beautiful.

Many women describe their photographs from Amy to be life changing.