Anne Chatterton Urban

Honored by:Stephanie Anne Urban
Brick location:E:25  map

Anne is one of the most generous and loving women I know. It is her never-ending love and support for her husband and her family that makes her so deserving of this honor. Moreover, it is her grace, her dignity, and amazing strength that makes her place in Plaza of Heroines so honorable. She, more than any woman I know, has earned her place among the women recognized outside Catt Hall.

As my mother, Anne, has shown me how to be gracious, kind, and compassionate. My pride for her runs deeper than she will ever know. Her continued support and love for me are my motivation. Her beauty and gentle nature continue to inspire me. She believes in me, in my capabilities, and in my visions.

Mostly, I want her to know how much I love her and how grateful I am for all she has taught me. She has been so many things to me and I wanted to show her my appreciation in a very special way.

She is my mother, my hero, my friend.

Thanks, Mom.

Submitted on 12/12/96