Annie Moyer

Honored by:Pat Gibson
Brick location:PAVER:8  map

8/29/1881-9/7/1978 Annie (Hannah Ann) Jackson Moyer

Annie, my grandmother, lived in Missouri and Iowa, where she demonstrated a commitment to God and to her family. She showed me how to be resourceful and productive all the years of a rich and long life. She lived on a farm and in town where she worked in a cafe. She married Lennie Hortense Moyers and raised 5 kids (2 others died as children). Annie was excited about all of the changes in her 97 years of life and talked of spanning covered wagons to flight in space. She felt that the changes had been good.


Paver Inscription:

"Idamay Kacena
Annie Moyer
Bessie Kacena
Mel Kacena
Katie Gibson"

Brick also located at: H20