Ardis Walter McMechan

Honored by:James D. McMechan
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I am pleased to purchase a brick in honor of Carrie Chapman Catt. Her efforts are enjoyed by my wife Ardis nee Walter each time she enters the voting booth. Ardis has always regarded political activity and community service as the responsibility of each citizen. Ardis and I met in 1955 when we were graduate students and instructors at Iowa State.

We both received Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Iowa State. When we received the Assistant Professor rank in 1961 we became the first married couple to be awarded rank at the same meeting of the Iowa Board of Regents. She stopped working away from home when the children were born because of lack of adequate child care. Later an aging Mother required much of her time and attention. Ardis has had occasional professional part time employment through the years. Gradually increased volunteer work and community activities were added to her life.

Her family has always received first priority. Both our children are Iowa State graduates. James Walter received his B.S. in '85. Sara Elizabeth received hers in 1990. They are working in other cities. I retired from the faculty of the University in 1992 and we continue to make our home in Ames.

-James D. McMechan