Barbara Wells Starks

Honored by:Nancy Basore
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Born: August 6, 1925, San Francisco, CA

Lived: San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Berkeley, CA; Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Chapel Hill, NC; Baltimore, MD; Indianapolis, IN; Ames, IA; Lexington, KY; Tifton, GA- Stillwater, OK. Plus Uganda and Morocco.

Married: Kenneth James Starks, November 23, 1951

Children: Shirley Jean Starks, 1955 and Nancy Jane Starks Basore, 1956

Education: BS - Universitv of Oklahoma, Zoology, MS - University of North Carolina, Public Health, Ph.D. - Oklahoma State University, Veterinary Microbiology

Baltimore Public Health - Research Technician;
Indianapolis Medical School - Research Assistant;
University of Oklahoma Medical School - Instructor;
Iowa State University Zoology Dept. - Research Technician;
Oklahoma State University Veterinary Medicine - Research Assistant;
Rose State College, OKC - Microbiology Instructor

Member League of Women Voters: Since 1969

Lived in Pammel Court: 1951-1954

Worked at Iowa State University: Zoology Department (while husband got Ph.D. in Entomology)

Iowa State University Memories:
1. Walking to work in the deep snow
2. Watching Veisha parades
3. Being amazed and feeling pride in the high education level of Iowa's women; even though this was the 1950's when educating women still was not the general rule.

Why we chose to honor her: This memorial seemed to combine so many aspects of her life:
1. her involvement in League of Women voters
2. her time at Iowa State University and
3. her commitment to educating her husband who took many of his classes in Old Botany Hall.

Current endeavors: She continues to give of herself, teaching people to read through the Oklahoma Literacy Program.

Submitted on 7/1/96