Carolyn Watson

Honored by:Cathryn Watson Potter
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Carolyn Mae Watson is my older sister who was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and continues to live there today. Growing up, she was always my protector (until I outgrew her by eight inches) and my fan. When we shared a bed while small, I would wake her up when I was frightened and she would tell me wonderful stories she created and I would fall happily back to sleep. She reads voraciously and has read most of the books in the Des Moines Public Library--this is her pleasure along with beautiful embroidery and spoiling her nieces and nephews--especially when they were young children.

She has worked most of her life in insurance companies in Des Moines and continues this today. When I was a student at Iowa State she faithfully sent me $5 from her meager paycheck every two weeks. Since I was on a tight budget that was a big help. Carolyn has always lived at home with the folks. Our mother is a widow and in failing health and my sister cares for her during the time she is not at work.

She is mother's main stability now...the one person who has always been there. She has always been an important person in my life but never more than now since I live so far from home. It is a great comfort to know that she is steadily and faithfully there.


Paver Inscription:

"Mattie Sissel
E. Mae Watson
Carolyn Watson
Helen Holt
Amy Monahan"

Brick also located at: H3