Christine Mangold-Kyro

Honored by:Catherine Harrington
Brick location:G:6  map

NAME: Christine Marie Mangold-Kyro

PERSONAL: Born: August 13, 1951 Washington, Iowa to Frank and Margaret Mangold. Married: Rod Kyro in 1981. Children: Daugter, Kelsey, born in 1984.

EDUCATION: Heelan High School 1969 Sioux City, Iowa; B.A. in Advertising Design 1973 Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. HOME: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

PROFESSIONAL: Worked for a variety of Minneapolis companies in the marketing departments (1973-1982); Started own graphic design business MANGOLD KYRO DESIGN in 1985; Husband, Rod, joined the business in 1991; Moved business from home to office in 1995.

I am honored to have the opportunity to dedicate a brick in the I. S. U. Plaza of Heroins to my twin sister, Chris. Two summers ago I took a tour of a large brick factory. I observed how the moist clay was dug from the earth; conbined with a variety of colors and textures; and eventually formed and heated in a brick oven to produce a functional, as well as beautiful piece of art. I was amazed at the time and labor involved in this process. Similar to the earth you were born with natural abilities within you: creative, athletic and intellectual.

Your life has been an evolution of developing these talents. Your love of life has shown best by your participation in life: Your dedicated role as wife and mother; your involvement in bettering the lives of children through volunteer work; the success of your graphic design business; and your love of competition through sport. These "colors and textures" have formed who you are. You have emerged into a woman who is solid firm and someone on whom others can lean. The brick I dedicate to you this winter of 1995 as well as your legacy will endure.