Connie Bartelma Banks

Honored by:Annie Banks
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After her time at Iowa State, Connie went on to excel at a career in agriculture, and continues to be an outstanding example of a high achiever with the admirable quality of commanding respect in everything she does.

Born and raised in Runnells, Iowa, Connie learned the true meaning of a go-getter attitude from her parents, Dan and Jean Bartelma, both of whom were prominent figures in the Runnells community all their lives. Connie, as the youngest, held a special place with her parents and embodies both of them as the successful woman she is today.

After graduating from Iowa State in 1979, Connie went on to show her dedication to agriculture as a sales rep in crop protection, which she still does with Syngenta Inc. She has gained respect and status among her colleagues, earning multiple awards and recognition for her outstanding work and friendliness.

Connie now resides in Hereford, TX, with her husband, Ron Banks. She is an incredible example to both of her stepchildren, Duncan Banks and Sarah Noble, as well as her daughter, Annie Banks.

She is such an inspiration to everyone who knows her, and I am so lucky to have her as my mom.