Corrine Rae Klingman Roys

Honored by:Lisa Marie Roys, Connie Roys Reichenauer, Melody Roys Derber, and Faith Roys McDowell
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We: Lisa Marie Roys (ISU ‘86), Connie Roys Reichenauer (ISU ‘82), Melody Roys Derber (Wartburg College ‘76), and Faith Roys McDowell (Wartburg College ‘73) ... are honoring our mother, Corona Rae Klingman Roys.

While never having graduated from high school, Mom, and our father, Kenneth Roys, a high school graduate, instilled in us the importance for women of an advanced education. We never questioned whether we would attend college. Our parents drilled into us the fact that women, in order to achieve equality in the workplace, needed to be better and work harder than our male counterparts.

We recognize the important role both parents played in our educational goals.

Submitted on 3/17/94