De Ann R Kultala

Honored by:John E. Kultala
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American women have benefited significantly from the accomplishments of women like Carrie Chapman Catt. However, to this day, most women are not "free" to pursue their chosen professions or careers. They remain, to this day, so often shackled by their "other" roles and responsibilities: Those of wives, mothers, tutors, financial managers, healers of sick children, comforters, cooks, and housekeepers.

I am honoring my wife because she epitomizes those special women who somehow find the energy strength and perseverance to maintain these multiple roles and responsibilities day after day. She has indeed been a loving wife, a caring and nurturing mother of two, the primary homemaker and caretaker of her family and an active member in her community, all the while simultaneously pursuing, first a business career, and then at the age of 40, her own college education, finishing her undergraduate and Master's Degree programs at the top of her class. She is now a successful and sought-after therapist and counselor.

Many women must struggle to fulfilltheir multiple roles and responsibilities each day. However, not so many women could accomplish it with the grace, sincerity, and steadfastness that my wife has over these many years. For all of this, she truly deserves to be honored in this way.

Submitted on 12/6/94