Dorothy Ann Cook Stone

Honored by:Diane Jones and Debra Akins and their families
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Dorothy Ann Cook was born August 7, 1931 in Brighton, Iowa. She resided in Oskaloosa, Iowa for most of her childhood and teen years, graduating from Oskaloosa High School. Dorothy was married to Harold Stone from Grinnell August 19, 1951. She has spent most of her married life living in Marshalltown, Iowa, where she currently resides today.

Dorothy and Harold are the parents of two daughters, Diana Kaye (Stone) Jones, born June 24, 1957, and Debra Jane (Stone) Akins, born March 23, 1961. They have four grandsons: Daniel A. Jones, born October 5, 1982, Michael W. Jones, born October 26, 1984, Douglas J. Akins, born July 12, 1987 and Benjamin J. Jones, born March 31, 1991. Another grandson, Jeffrey S. Jones, born Dec. 9, 1980 was stillborn and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Dorothy's hobbies and interests center around antiques and her grandchildren.

REASONS FOR HONORING DOROTHY: Diana and Debra and their families are honoring their mother, Dorothy for many thoughtful and loving reasons.

Mom has always been there to listen when we needed her the most. She was never too busy to pay attention to our needs and troubles. Mom always encouraged us and wanted us to do well. She has instilled a wealth of important values in us that we are trying to convey to our own children. Among these values are honesty, caring for others, responsibility, love, respect, loyalty, courage, and devotion.

Life hasn't treated Mom as fairly and justly in the past few years due to lengthy illnesses and happenings with her husband, Harold. Mom has remained the devoted caring person she is in dealing with the adversity that has struck Harold's life and her own. Many times she has given up activities and endeavors that would enlighten and enrich her own life because she cares so much about making Harold's life a little brighter each and every day. Her devotion and courage are incredible and we admire her a great deal for this. She is always someone we can turn to who will know what the "right" thing to do is. We are very pleased to be honoring Mom in this way.