Elizabeth Mae Watson

Honored by:Cathryn Watson Potter
Brick location:PAVER:22  map

Elizabeth Mae Watson is my mother. Like her mother, she is an exceptionally strong woman. Life has dealt her good and hard times almost in equal measure and she has persevered. She grew up on a farm in southern Iowa near Kellerton. She learned the arts of home and hand from her mother, went to summer teacher's institute after high school and taught in a one room school house.

After she married my father, she moved to Des Moines where she continues to live today. She is really the reason I am who I am. She read to us was a reader by example and took us to the library every Saturday. She taught us good manners and expected us to use them. She managed the household of six on an extremely limited income by gardening, canning and sewing. She always managed because of the extra effort she put forth.

As we got older, she took advantage of any classes offered in the neighborhood--tailoring, upholstery, nutrition, various crafts. She was always seeking to learn and to be able to do things better. She refinished furniture, did the painting that was necessary and gardened for food and flowers. She took flower arranging classes and always had lovely flowers in the house in season. She was a room mother and helped with my Campfire group. She set an example of commitment and responsibility.

Most of all, she made it clear to me that it is possible to do virtually anything you decide you want to do if you are willing to put forth the required effort. Like her mother, her strength has been her great asset. She is now in poor health but her legacy for me is her example of always seeing possibilities and always continuing to learn.


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