Ellen M. Wanat

Honored by:Edmund J. Wanat
Brick location:E:3  map

Ellen is the daughter of Edward and Mary Quinn. She is the oldest of four children, Elaine, Emily and Edward. She grew up on a family farm, which was a Century Farm hear Shabona, Illinois.

After high school she attended the Oak Park Hospital School of Nursing, where she graduated and became a registered nurse. Soon after, she married Edmund Wanat from Chicago, Illinois.

Ellen worked as a registered nurse in the Chicago area during the early years of their marriage. In 1975, Ellen and Edmund opened a family business in Waterloo, Iowa, where she served as vice-president, treasurer, book keeper and salesperson. During these years, Ellen became the mother of five children: Thomas, Jennifer, David, Michael and Joseph.

Ellen has earned the respect of all who know her as well as the love and admiration of her husband and children. She has always been diligent, honest, and fair at work, and loving, caring and giving at home. Her life is an example of the best in what any individual can contribute to their work and family.

This brick is presented by her husband and children with love and respect for a truly outstanding wife and mother. She has always set an example for us to follow and live by and remember for all the days of our lives.

Submitted on 7/1/96