Emily R. Myers

Honored by:Carol Wehr
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Emily Rutherford Myers is being honored by- her children and. grandchildren. She graduated from Iowa State University in 1952 with her bachelor's degree in Child Development a degree that she says she used to raise her four children. As a "city girl" from St. Petersburg, Florida she has embraced life on the farm following her marriage to her "farm boy" husband M. William Myers (Iowa State University 1952 - Animal Husbandry) in 1951. Our mother has given selflessly to her family friends and community. She has devoted much time and effort to her chu,rch and has exemplified Christ-like love in her life. Our mother has been the glue that has held our family together and for that we are deeply grateful.

-Marcia and Kent Johnson and family Michael and Deb Myers and family, Gwen and Bob Evelsizer and family, Carol and Jerry Wehr and family