Esther Whetstone

Honored by:Ferne Felton
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Esther Whetstone is honored for her dynamic leadership in extension who found effective ways of combining technology with the humanities in meaningful educational experiences for Iowa Youth. As Esther attended Iowa State College, the economy was in a serious depression. Charles and Nellie continued their very strong belief in college for their children and Esther, as well as two other daughters, was able to complete her degree. Following graduation, Esther taught home economics for 10 years in southwest Iowa and Shorewood, Wisconsin. Esther completed her Master of Science Degree. In 1943 she joined the Iowa State University Extension Service . She served in a variety of positions, including State Girl's 4-H Leader in the 1950's. Esther developed and wrote the Iowa citizenship program. The program was used throughout Iowa using bulletins and diagrams developed by Esther for use in training for leaders and members. In 1973 she received the U.S.D.A. award for outstanding service. This national award recognized her strong youth program leadership throughout her career. In 1989 she was recognized as one of the first of four charter members of the Iowa 4-H Foundation Honor Court. She gave much leadership to the establishment of the Iowa 4-H Camping Center near Madrid. Esther has always been very supportive and helpful to her nieces and nephews as they worked on educational programs. She has a very strong tie to each.



"Iowa State Alumnae
In Family Of
Charles And Nellie Whetstone
Casey, Iowa
Alice Whetson Soults
Ester Whetstone
Marie Whetstone Rietz
Ferne Whetstone Felton
Lois Whetstone Foot
Ann Walters Harrison
Jeanne Soults Lutze
Maurene Soults Kleven"


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