Evelyn Metzger

Honored by:Her family
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We wish to honor Evelyn Metzger, our wife and mother, as a woman of exceptional qualities. As a wife of several decades, a mother of nine, and a grandmother of more than a dozen of her children's children, she exemplifies femininity and motherhood, a warm and compassionate model for our lives and for others around her. She has consistently dispensed unconditional love to us, she has taught us values through a quiet demonstration of her wisdom, and she continues to unselfishly pour her life into ours.

Inner strength, kindness, and peaceableness, untiring service, and unflagging devotion to family friends and anyone in need mark her life. Above all, her deep and abiding faith in her Creator, God and Jesus Christ her Savior, is clearly evident and worthy of emulation. In her modesty she would minimize this memorial to her, but in truth she has contributed immeasurably to our lives. The realization that we have not attained to the measure of her character sobers us. We consider ourselves highly favored by God to have her as wife and mother and we are consoled that the reward we would like to see her enjoy now for her labors of love will indeed be hers on the day our Lord comes to claim His own.

Roy Metzger, Sr.
Debra Metzger
Rodney & Judy (Metzger) Getz
Leland and Patsy (Metzger) Esslinger
Bruce and Audrey (Metzger) Messner
Roy & Eileen Metzger, Jr.
Ben & Patrice Metzger
Dan & Julie Metzger
Jeffrey & Angela (Metzger) Birkner
Lana Metzger
and grandchildren