Frances M. Sims

Honored by:Margaret S. Pickett
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My mother approaches life with an energy and confidence that is a model every girl should have. She approaches every obstacle and hardship with the belief that it can be overcome, or at least, endured. She provided a loving, nurturing home and achieved much in her professional career. With a high school education and twenty years as a homemaker, she entered the workforce as a payroll clerk in 1966 to help pay for her children to go to college. She retired in 1988 as a vice president of a major Chicago bank, a financial adviser to corporate CEO's and a mentor to a clutch of aspiring bankers with newly minted MBA'S.

Knowing my mother, her achievements can be attributed, not to a grand strategy, but to doing the best she could every day. I hope my daughter will be just like her.

Submitted on 5/7/94