Hazel Marie Keeney

Honored by:Clare G. Keeney
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Hazel Marie (Gaylord) Keeney was born in Henderson, Iowa and grew up on a farm near Seymour, Iowa. She married Clare Keeney and they lived at Pammel Court Ames until Clare graduated with a BSEE in 1960 from I.S.U Hazel and Clare raised a large family of five children. They moved to Campbell, CA in 1962.

In addition to being a busy mother and doing day care for other children Hazel pursued a hobby of doll collecting. She became active in several collector clubs including the AIBC Doll Club the Madame Alexander Doll Club the Santa Clara Doll Collectors and the Collector's United Doll Club. Hazel became an expert in the field of doll collecting contributing articles and illustrated talks for many years. She was consulted by other collectors and professionals in the field on the finer aspects of dolls from the 1900's to modern dolls. She made her hobby both educational and fun. Hazel's analysis of collectible dolls often related the clothing and hair styles to the fashions and customs of the time period in which the dolls were made. This in-depth analysis contributed great social significance to the hobby of collecting.

She died in 1996 and although greatly missed by all of her family and friends she is well remembered for her years of significant contributions.

(Contributed by her husband Clare G. Keeney July 1997)