Helen L. True

Honored by:Kimberly Ann Bartusek
Brick location:C:26  map

The woman in my life whom I have a great deal of respect for is my mom - Helen L. True.

Through the years, she was more than my mother, but my best friend. Words that come to mind when I describe her are a non-selfish, caring, and hard-working woman. I always remember her pushing to the limits and helping anyone at any time. Besides helping others and doing her own tasks, she always made time for every concert and sport event that my brother and I participated in. In fact, she did not get to things she wanted until everyone else was taken care of first.

She taught me that the sky is the limit and anyone can make their dreams come true. The person I am today and the ethics I have in life are due to her love in my upbringing. And, I too, will pass these same ethics to the next generations. For the world would be a much better place if we all honored the qualities my mother believes in.

I hope to become the strong woman and loving mother that she is and always will be!!!

To Mom with love,


Submitted on 7/1/96