Helen Swanson

Honored by:Her family
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Helen Holland Swanson is an inspiration to the women in her family, instilling interest in the arts, books, music, fashion, cuisine, and appreciation of antiques, as well as in politics and regional and world events. She shares by example a deep faith, a love of living, and a high moral code. But even more, Helen's warm home welcomes all who enter; she always has time for visitors.

Helen has inspired women for many decades, starting as a County Home Economist in Nebraska, immediately after graduating from the University of Nebraska. There she taught rural women skills in food preparation, canning, and other home management skills during a time when rural families were facing financial crises. Later, she shared her knowledge and leadership through various local and regional community groups including 4-H, AAUW, Farm Bureau and church.

The women in Helen's family honor her with this brick:

Florine Swanson
Mary Girard
Joyce Falkenberg
Jeanne Eagle
Elizabeth Girard
Catherine Girard
Louise Girard
Christina Falkenberg
Janicke Falkenberg
Vicki Swanson
Lori Swanson
Adelai Swanson

Submitted on 1/26/95