Ina Paul Kretschmar

Honored by:Kay Kretschmar Runge
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Ina Fay Paul was Mary and Henry's first born on March 12, 1909. Since both parents were the eldest in their families, she was the oldest grandchild and loved by the many aunts and uncles. A four-generation picture was taken when she was six months old. She attended the Patterson Elementary School where her mother had taught, and graduated from Muscatine High School. She had an Iowa Normal Training Teacher's Certificate but was only seventeen and had to be eighteen to teach. She went back to Muscatine High for a postgraduate course in bookkeeping, shorthand, and typing for that year. She had an 8-year record in 4-H that won her a trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in 1927 and was one of two Iowa girls to win the trip to National 4-H Camp in Washington DC in 1928. She was 4-H leader of her 4-H club two years before marriage and when her two daughters were old enough to be 4-H members, she organized the first 4-H city club the Davenport Lassies in Davenport, Iowa and was the leader for 10 years. Ina Fay married Alfred E. Kretschmar, a banker at the Pleasant Prairie Savings Bank, on June 6, 1934. She taught at a rural school in Muscatine County for 6 years before their marriage in Pleasant Prairie and later was a Substitute Teacher in Davenport Community Schools for ten years. They had two daughters and both are graduates of Iowa State University. Ina is now 86 and still volunteering at the Putnam Museum as a listener for the "Listen to Me Read" program at Madison Elementary School.

Submitted on 6/95

Paver Inscription:

"Six Generations of Women

Hannah Cox McClean 1832-1917
Addie McClean Martin 1856-1941
Mary Martin Paul 1885-1968
Ina Paul Kretschmar 1909
Kay Kretschmar Runge 1946
Katherine Anna Runge 1981
Susan Kretschmar Sargent 1948
Jennifer Kay Sargent 1978"

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