Irvene Muriel Sheppard

Honored by:William & Leonard Sheppard
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Muriel Sheppard, our mother is deserving of recognition for the love, support, and wisdom she continually displayed while raising us. Her patience, devotion, attention, and thoughtfulness provided us with a strong foundation on which to successfully build our own lives.

From our earliest memories to today, she always put our wants and needs first. An early memory is of Mom teaching us recognition skills and the ability to discern between different shapes and colors through a book she designed and put together. These efforts led us to achieve great academic success.

Another vivid memory is of Mom designing and constructing an ice skating rink in our backyard one winter so we could skate with our friends. How many people can say their mom built them an ice skating rink?

She always made time for us, whether to make an elaborate Halloween costume or to provide a comforting word when we were distressed. Her encouragement and guidance instilled in us a strong work ethic, good sense of values, and appreciation of what's important in life.

For these and many more reasons, we proudly honor our mother, Muriel Sheppard.

Submitted on 3/24/95