Janell Rae Christie Meyer

Honored by:Brian Meyer
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Janell Rae Christie Meyer's recipe for success has been hard work; the butter for which there are no margarine substitutes. Her life and career has centered on nourishing others; she is the most basic and unsung of heroines. Janell has excelled in both private and public food-service management including working for ISU Dining since 1991. Since May 2004 she has served as ISU Dining's Assistant Director of Retail Operations.

There is a Chinese saying that we communicate by eating together. That is how the lives of the family and friends have been shaped by Janell. She is a loving mother and a devoted spouse. She has been married to Brian Meyer since 1986. They have two sons Truman and Griffin. Janell was raised in Cherokee and Sioux City, Iowa. She earned her bachelor's degree in hotel restaurant and institutional management in 1986 and her master's degree in business administration in 1997 both from Iowa State University.

Janell Rae Christie Meyer is a strong woman and a creative force. She has standards expectations and hopes. The secret ingredient has been love.