Janet Carolyn Howe O'Callahan

Honored by:Stan and Helen Howe
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Our daughter Janet is a woman of the "90s." She is unafraid to try a nontraditional career and at the same time to balance it with a family. Janet was born in 1957 and was the only girl in a family of four children. She enjoyed many activities and succeeded in her classwork as well. She attended Cornell College and graduated with a double major--French and geology. Some of the positions she held in the geological field were soil testing, on the digging site as well as in the laboratory. She also worked on a ship for the National Oceanic Administration; tagging whales for tracking migrations and studying and mapping the bottom of the Pacific ocean. She and her lab partners filmed life in the fissures of the ocean off our west coast. After her marriage to Tom O'Callahan in 1984, she and her husband both returned to school to receive advanced degrees in telecommunications. Since completing their education, they have returned to the Northwest for employment in their new careers. Janet now has three children and employs a "nanny" to help with their care. As a parent away from her children through the day, she takes full advantage of the time she can spend with them. Weekends are spent camping or cross-country skiing if the weather allows. She and her husband take the children to baseball games, parks and the children's activities. Our daughter leads a very full life and it must be difficult to balance a career and a family, but she is doing a commendable job. Her father and I are very proud of her.