Janice Raveling

Honored by:Jill D. Raveling
Brick location:E:14  map

This stone is dedicated to my mother, Janice L. Raveling and to her father, Sgt. Charles Brinkerhoff. My mother's birth, my grandfather's death, and D-Day are all events that happened 50 years ago in 1944.

My mother was born in Ft. Des Moines, Iowa and grew up in Des Moines. She attended Grandview Park Baptist Church and graduated from East High School. Her mother, Lucy, had been a resident of Des Moines for many years. When Lucy met my grandfather, Charles Brinkerhoff, she wasn't impressed with him and didn't marry him right away. She thought he was conceited and didn't share the same strong beliefs as she for the Lord. But, he changed and Lucy took a bus to Arizona where he was stationed and they were married. They were transferred many times and had a son, Charles Lynn Brinkerhoff. Two years later my grandfather received orders that he would be going overseas to serve in W.W.II.

My mother was born on August 21, 1944. Unfortunately, her father never met her, but he did know of her birth. The Grandview Park Baptist Church bulletin gave the words from his chaplain that told of his burial in northern Italy in a U.S. army cemetery and also read, "Although he had been across a few short months, during that time he saw much action." He died November 7, 1944 during a shelling. The Grandview Park Baptist Church pastor, Pastor A. D. Mohr and many corresponded frequently with my grandfather and every one of them gave Charles assurance of his faith in Christ. He and Lucy had been members of this church. Lucy is still an active member.

My grandmothers had given in her own words that God's grace was sufficient to sustain her. She never remarried. She used the money she had put aside from Charles's checks to purchase a small house for her and the two children. She supported her family through washing and ironing for others. She never relied on others or government handouts; although a younger sister, Aunt Glady, came to live with them and help out. Janice remembers growing up with all the things she needed or wanted. Charles on the other hand thought that they were poorer than church mice.

My mom and dad married after meeting at Grandview. As soon as my father graduated from Drake he and Janice married. They moved to Colorado and had four children; Jill, John IV, Andre, and Natalie. I couldn't begin to thank my mom and dad enough for all that they have done. My mom has taught me so many things. I only hope and pray that I will use what I have learned to be as good a wife and mother as she. Although I don't know much about my grandfather Charles, I am thankful for his faith and that he instilled it in his family. Though, his time with them was short. I also thank him for believing in our country and for giving his life for future generations. So thank you, to a wonderful woman, my mom, Janice Raveling, and a courageous man, Charles Brinkerhoff.

Submitted on 10/3/95