Janiece Larsen Paulson

Honored by:Brian K. Paulson
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The granite paver placed here honors four women in our family: Janiece Larsen Paulson, Helen Pedersen Larsen, Doris Wearmouth Paulson, and Laura Larsen Pedersen Madsen. Their achievements are not in amassing great wealth or becoming famously known, nor for being saints or martyrs. Rather they are simply recognized for the love, strength, and devotion they've given to their families and community. Their examples continue to be an inspiration for us all.


Ms. Janiece Jane Larsen Paulson (December 23, 1936 - ) is my mother, need I say more.

Janiece was born and raised near Bradgate, Iowa, with her brother and sister. After graduation from Bradgate High School she married Jerry Paulson, her longtime steady, in 1954. The couple raised four sons: Jeffrey, Joel, Brent, and Brian. All four were raised on the same farm as their mother near Bradgate.

A full-time farmwife and mother, Janiece (Mom) always found time to devote to church and other activities. She has served as president and chairperson of her church ladies aid and circle groups many times in addition to teaching Sunday school. Janiece's volunteer efforts have been outside of church as well, including the local election board where she continues to serve. Farmwork is no stranger for Janiece either, whether it be hauling grain to town or chasing stray cattle. Perhaps it's her leadership by example or her thoughtfulness to others that's been her greatest contribution. Or, it may just be the love she has showered to those she holds most dear, especially her grandchildren. In any case, her story is still being written with many other accomplishments yet to come.

Submitted by Brian K. Paulson, December, 25 1994

Paver Inscription:

"Janiece Larsen Paulson
Helen Pederson Larsen
Doris Wearmouth Paulson
Laura Larsen Pederson Madsen"