Jennifer Hohneke

Honored by:Emily and Ashley Hohneke
Brick location:Section O, Row 19, Brick 2  map

Jennifer Hohneke holds many titles, but one title that will never be forgotten is the title of Mom. We know that we would not be here without her, and we remember so many memories of our childhood that we will never forget. Therefore, enjoy this narrative and dedication to our Mom, Jennifer Hohneke. ,/p>


What a journey it has been! We remember when we were little, you and Dad would take us to Disney, what seemed like every other year. We remember “helping” you two remodel the house, but really we were just making toys out of all the supplies. We remember Ashley drawing a river on the wall, but you thought it was too cute to get mad at so you told her it was beautiful. We also remember waking up super early (like 4am) on Christmas morning, dying to see what Santa had put under the tree for us that morning.

As you can see and know, we had the most perfect childhood. We’ve created so many memories throughout the years, and we know it would not have been possible without you. We’ve developed traditions that we will keep with us throughout our lifetimes, memories that will stay in our hearts forever, and a love that will last a lifetime.

As we grew up, you told us the world was at our fingertips, and we could do anything we wanted with our life. You gave us a choice, and that is something that some kids cannot relate to. We never once thought that we wanted a different Mom. The love you have for us will never be replaced, and it is something we will have with us forever.

As kids grow up, sometimes we take the time we have living with our parents for granted. In high school, many kids dream of the day they can move out and be on their own. Every kid’s dream is independence, and to be in-charge of their own decisions. Some kids take the first opportunity to move out, especially those in broken homes. For us, we wanted a sense of independence, however, we didn’t know how hard it would be without you. You gave us the best childhood we could have ever imagined, and leaving you and Dad and moving out, was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.

Now, here we are, holding our childhood memories close, and building ourselves a future that we want. We are both at Iowa State, living our best lives, and making you proud. Your girls are becoming successful young women, and we would not be here without you. This year has truly been one of the best years that we will have within our college careers, we have each other and we have learned that we are inseparable. Like you always said, “your sister will be your best friend”, and we could not agree more. Thank you for instilling words of wisdom like these into our hearts, we will forever remember them.

As we look into the future we know you will always be by our side. Even though our childhood is over, there are so many other life events to look forward to, and we promise to always be your little girls. As Emily gets married soon, we will remember that we are still one Hohneke family, and nothing will change that. As we have children, we hope that you will help us give them a childhood that they will never forget as well. We know that you will always be there for us now and forever, and we appreciate that.

As a thank you, and dedication to everything you have done for us, we chose to honor you in the Plaza of Heroines surrounding Catt Hall, here at Iowa State. The Plaza was created to honor women who have made an impact on individuals, families, communities, and society. As stated above, you have made an impact on us individually, however, you have also made an impact on society through nursing, as well as raising successful children who will also contribute and make an impact on society. Therefore, we decided to engrave your name within this plaza, so it can be known that you made an impact on this world. In addition, we decided to add your title as Mom on the stone. We know some people know you as Jennifer Hohneke, however, we know you as Mom and that is a title to be proud of. Therefore, we added it to the stone as a reminder that being our Mom has been one of the biggest impacts you have made on this world. Thank you for everything, we will hold every memory we make together forever, and keep creating an impact within the world, life would not have been the same without you!

Love your girls,

Emily (Iowa State Cybersecurity Engineering Graduate 2022)


Ashley (Iowa State Graphic Design Graduate 2025)