Jerie A. Schwartz

Honored by:Janet Arcand, Kathy Goodwin-Hagaman, Vicki Hubby, Betty Katzer, Kathy Lee, and Charla Prange
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Jerie worked for Parks Library from September 11, 1972, until her early retirement June 30, 2004.

After an education in the West Branch Community Schools, Jerie Barnhart Schwartz received her B.A. degree in Elementary Education at the University of Northern Iowa, in 1967, and taught fourth grade at the Waterloo Community Schools in 1967. From 1968 to 1971, she was a Filing Clerk II in the Library at the University of Northern Iowa, leaving this job when her husband Gary obtained a position as Assistant Director of Housing at Iowa State University. On September 11, 1972 she started work at our Library, as a Clerk II responsible for firm order receipts, within the Order Department. Her position was reclassified as a Clerk III in 1974 and as a Library Assistant III in 1989. Later she was promoted to the position of Library Assistant IV, becoming Head of the Firm Orders Unit within the Monographs Acquisitions Section when the Order Department became part of the new Acquisitions Department. In 1996, she joined the ranks of the Professional and Scientific staff due to her position being reclassified as Library Associate I when she became Head of the Monographs Acquisitions Section within the Acquisitions Department.

Jerie provided the Library with excellent service for over thirty years, as her employment history demonstrates. Jerie’s work was always characterized by a willingness to cooperate with her colleagues, in pursuit of the Library’s goals and with an attitude of service to the Library’s staff and patrons. Her contributions have been many and her colleagues will sorely miss her.

Jerie was an Excellent Supervisor. She was always very approachable because of her positive approach to life and problems. She motivated her staff by treating each one with respect and recognition for their accomplishments. She promoted unity and good will. She will be greatly missed by her staff.

Jerie will be able to enjoy spending her well-earned retirement with her husband Gary, and with making and receiving frequent visits from her children Jana and Justin.

Submitted on 6/7/04