JoAnn Adams Sell

Honored by:Jerry L. Sell
Brick location:E:28  map

JoAnn Adams Sell, a wonderful wife, mother, and teacher; a person who loved to work with children. As an elementary school teacher, JoAnn had a remarkable knack of favorably influencing and nurturing her students, academically and personally. She never had a student that she didn’t think was worthy of her love and affection. Now retired, she frequently receives thanks and accolades from students who are adults but still recall how great a person and teacher she is. JoAnn is a most dedicated mother. When a son fell ill to cancer, she spent 8 months full time, far from her home caring for him until he passed away. JoAnn has always been a devoted wife who unstintingly supported her husband in his professional endeavors to the extent that her own professional goals were not achieved until she had been married for more than 20 years and had raised a fine family.

Submitted on 6/12/97