Judy K. Madsen

Honored by:The Library Staff
Brick location:A:27  map

Judy K. Madsen retired from the University Library August 3, 2001 completing forty one years and one month of service. She began as Bookkeeper, a job which in addition to bookkeeping and payroll included the library's mail, supplies responsibilities, and even proof reading theses. As the years progressed human resources was added to her position. During Judy's tenure she was involved in enormous changes in both accounting and personnel areas. From pencil bookkeeping entries to online accounting and the onset of Affirmative Action, AFSCME and administrative changes Judy was the permanent Library Staff Association treasurer from its inception.

Her retirement hours will be filled with special times with her family particularly enjoying her grandchildren, visits with friends and traveling. The University Library Staff are pleased to congratulate Judy K. Madsen by presenting her with a brick in appreciation for her years of service.

Submitted on 8/2001