Julie Helean Johnston Walter

Honored by:Donald H. Walter
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Julie Helean Johnston was born to Willis and Julianna Johnston in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1953. One of five children, Julie emerged from a challenging childhood to become a woman of remarkable intelligence, energy, talent and compassion.

A commitment to gender equity and independence were Ms. Johnston's trademark from the beginning. Julie began working and saving money in junior high and high school, a pattern which continued throughout college, in order to fund her higher education entirely on her own. While working nearly full time, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and American Studies from the University of Minnesota in only three years. These skills were soon put to work as the first female counselor in the high security section of the Iowa Training School for Boys in Eldora where she counseled the most dangerous and incorrigible delinquent male youth Iowa had to offer. This experience proved invaluable to her and is believed to have heavily influenced her selection of a mate, a rebellious farm youth of uncommon good looks and savoire faire that somehow managed to evade the juvenile justice system while winning its most talented resource. Julie married Donald H. (“Chip”) Walter from Bennett, Iowa in 1980 and together raised two boys, Colin Donald and Morgan Willis Walter in Iowa City.

Julie's devotion to family, community service and gender equity have long been obvious. She has received numerous accolades at each of the community service positions she has held as testimony to her high level of achievement. Her tireless energy, compassion and selflessness have truly made her a heroine to her family and community.

Dr. Donald H. ("Chip") Walter
Husband and Admirer

Colin Walter
Son and Student

Morgan Walter
Son and Clone

Submitted on May 30, 1997