Juliette Gordon Low

Honored by:Moingona Girl Scout Council
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Founder Girl Scouts of the United States of America "I've got something for the girls of Savannah and all America and all the world and we're going to start it tonight!" With these dramatic words JULIETTE GORDON LOW brought Girl Scouting to the United States on March 12 1912. She organized the first troop of 18 members in Savannah Georgia. During her lifetime "Daisy" as she was known to many was renowned for her energy enthusiasm determination organizing and recruiting ability optimism and vision. She was instrumental in arranging for the first Girl Scout handbook and she organized the first national headquarters in Washington D.C. As the founder and inaugural national president of the Girl Scouts Daisy was determined to help girls accept new challenges in life a Girl Scout tradition that continues to this day. A contemporary said of Daisy: "She was that rarest of human beings an original thinker; she had a fresh unbiased approach to any problem - besides unbounded courage." The United States government has honored Daisy by naming a Liberty ship for her in World War II and a Juliette Low postage stamp was issued in 1948. One of several books to document Daisy's life is Lady from Savannah The Life of Juliette Low by Gladys Denny Shultz and Daisy Gordon Lawrence. The epilogue of the book describes her unique contribution to the world: "The fun and gaiety of picnics and parties which she enjoyed as long as she lived and which she felt should be the birthright of all the young; the ability to laugh at one's self; independence gained through the full exercise of abilities; determination to keep going and trying until the most crushing defeat is converted into victory." The spirit of JULIETTE GORDON LOW is alive and well in the Girl Scout Movement of today. Over the years her memory has served as an inspiration to millions of girls and women throughout their lives including many thousands in Iowa. Thanks Daisy. For more information contact: Moingona Girl Scout Council 10715 Hickman Road Des Moines IA 50322 515-278-2881 515-278-5988 (fax)