Kappa Phi Univ. Christian Women

Honored by:Kappa Phi Alumnae
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The Kappa Phi Club is a national organization for university Christian women who wish to unite in friendship. It is unique in that it strives toward spiritual growth and preparation for Christian leadership. Founded at the University of Kansas in 1916 by the wife of a Methodist minister, the Kappa Phi Club is historically linked to the United Methodist Church. However its membership is open to any university woman interested in its purpose.

Gamma Chapter at Iowa State University was organized in 1917 and was active through the late 1980s. The Gamma Alumnae Chapter is still active and annually sponsors the Meal in the Upper Room during Holy Week. This is held at Collegiate United Methodist Church and is a meal commemorating Christ's last meal with his disciples.

Kappa Phi women, where ever they may be, continue to share their lives with others. Just as a lighted candle gives of itself to lighten a room, so Kappa Phi's give of themselves in service and love to others.