Karen Sampers

Honored by:Melissa Sampers
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Karen Sampers has never made People Magazine's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world but for the past 18 years she has been my number one pick. While my mother possesses physical beauty, she has inner beauty that cannot be matched by any other.

Karen Rae Brady was born on September 12, 1946, to Glen and Helen Brady. In 1964, she attended Northwest Missouri State University, becoming the first person in her family to go to college. She received her teaching degree in Home Economics and in 1971 married Jerry Sampers. In 1975 Karen had her first child, Travis, and two years later, I, Melissa, was born. Sadly, tragedy struck twice in 1979, when she lost two children at birth: Sara in January and Lindsey in November. In 1980, my mom acquired her Job as a Home Economics teacher at the Odebolt-Arthur High School and they moved to Schaller, Iowa where they still reside today.

For 27 years my mother has been influencing and informing her students about life. While I have known her, my mom has taught me a few things as well. I feel that this poem best reflects how my mom has affected my life as a teacher.

Since I had a mother
whose many interests
kept her excited and occupied

Since I had a mother
who interacted with so many people
that she had a real feeling for the world

Since I had a mother
who was always strong
through any period of suffering

Since I had a mother
who was a complete person
I always had a model
to look up to
and that made it easier
for me to develop into
an independent woman

Through my mom's actions and words, she has taught me responsibility and that there are consequences for my actions She has shown me to respect myself as well as others around me. Karen has guided me to have a wonderful set of morals and values, and taught me to help those who are in need.

From the moment that I was born, my life has been greatly influenced by the arms that first held me. Karen is never afraid to express her love and is always there to help cure the bruises and heartaches life has handed me. She is one of my best friends and someone I really trust. I feel this poem best depicts how I feel about her.

I am so happy with you
I can discuss all my thoughts, or
I don't have to say anything
You always understand.

I am so relaxed with you
I don't need to pretend
I don't need to look good
You accept me for what I am.

I am so strong with you
I depend on you for love
but I live my own life
You give me the extra confidence to succeed.

My mom has given me so much in my life and by means of this brick I can give a little of her to the rest of the world.

Submitted on 7/1/96