Kathryn Madera Miller

Honored by:John B. Miller
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Kathryn Madera Miller's roots are deep in the state of Iowa and in Iowa State University. If Carrie Chapman Catt had known her personally, she would have approved of her selection for the Plaza of Heroines and her purposeful life. Kathryn was born at her parents' home in Traer, Iowa on October 7, 1937. She was the 5th of six children, some of which also have ties to ISU.

She has always read widely and absorbed what she learned. She has not held this knowledge to herself but has shared it with her students and friends. She is a dynamic person and a master teacher. She was educated on the first General Motors Scholarship at ISU and went on to Cornell University of Ithaca, New York, for her advanced degree. She has taught in Wisconsin New Mexico and is now (1995) an associate professor at ISU in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She has written extensively in professional publications and has given invited and juried presentations across the country. She has received a faculty citation and was named Home Economics Professor of the Year.

She belongs to many professional and honor societies for which she has held high office on many occasions. She has been chair of many university college and state of Iowa committees. It has been an honor for me to have her add my name (John Miller) to her name (Kathryn Madera Miller). I believe Carrie Chapman Catt would say she had understood her call to arms well; that she had gone out from small beginnings and reached great heights; that she had made a difference to all who she had touched with her mind and hand. Kathryn Madera Miller deserves a place in the Plaza of Heroines.