Kathryn Martinson

Honored by:Karen Zunkel
Brick location:E:16  map

This brick is purchased for Kathryn Martinson by her children: Children ISU Class of: Jerry Martinson 1981 Karen (Martinson) Zunkel 1983 Nancy Martinson 1991 Bian Martinson This brick honors Kathryn Martinson for her constant and unwavering dedication to us (her children). She supported us all financially and emotionally as we grew from infancy through childhood and into adulthood. Even as adults she continues to support us in our endeavors. The fact that all four of us have college degrees is a tribute to her instilling in us the importance of education.

Mom was always the one "behind the scenes" making sure that everything was done that needed to be done. She is not a person in the limelight taking credit for her work; she is the one who does all the work to make the rest of us look like stars! Through this brick we hope in some small way to show mom that we realize what she has done and we appreciate it. We wouldn't be where we are today without your love and support.

-Thanks mom. We love you!