Lelia Tucker

Honored by:Susan Ross
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Lelia was one of the first generation of Tucker-Ross women honored here. She was the steady, loving woman who maintained a presence for her family. She married Joseph Roy Tucker in 1911 and had two children - Russel and Roberta. They lived and worked a farm in Brighton, Illinois.

Lelia was a quiet woman who embodied the home spirit. She worked hard tending the garden, helping with livestock, supporting her family, and loving her grandchildren.

As is true for most women living on farms, Lelia was a partner in the home business. She was responsible for all meal preparation which included gathering fresh produce from the garden, preserving it and preparing it; raising chickens, butchering and cleaning them and cooking them; gathering the eggs and sorting the extras to take to market; separating the cream and milk from the cows and churning butter. All of this was great fun for the grandchildren to observe and learn. Lelia never let on how much extra work itcreated to have this eager "help". In addition to this she also sewed clothing for the grandchildren (at times allowing them to choose their fabric from the printed muslim feed sacks) and specialized in matching outfits for them and their mother.

The home she created on the farm was a safe haven for children and grandchildren. Worldwide travels were anchored by visits to the farm, riding the pony, making mud pies in the creek, gathering berries for pies, chasing the baby pigs, and trying to learn to milk the cows. Regardless of the activities, Lelia was always there to comfort, reinforce, and unconditionally love.

Her steadfast nurturing spirit created a foundation for the generations that followed.

Submitted on 4/1/95

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