Lois Jean McCue Stiles

Honored by:Larry and Karen Murphy
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With love, admiration, and gratitude, Karen Stiles and Larry D. Murphy honor Lois Jean McCue Stiles: Lois Jean McCue Stiles was born January 28, 1931 in Sioux City, Iowa to Leila and Stanley McCue. She was married to E. Eugene Stiles, son of Edith and Charles Stiles, on May 14, 1950.

On January 3, 1995 after 15 years of dedication to ISU Extension Services, she retired from the Northwest Area Extension Office. She currently resides in Storm Lake, Iowa. Her husband, a long-time sufferer of Alzheimer's Disease, resides in the Veterans Home in Marshalltown. Lois, with the help of a local minister, founded the Sioux City Alzheimer's' support group in the early 1980's.

Throughout her life, she has caringly given to family friends and coworkers. For many people she has been model of determination inspiration and strength. She devotedly helped put three children through Iowa State University and a son through Morningside College in Sioux City.

Lois Stiles is being lovingly honored as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her family includes-
*Daughter Karen La Deen Stiles Murphy (4-27-1951) and son-in-law, Larry D. Murphy--residents of Des Moines, Iowa
*Daughter Dale Jean Stiles Barmore (6-23-53) son-in-law, Paul Barmore, and grandchildren--Laurel Ann (11-14-77), Thomas Paul (3-18-80), and Daniel James (7-19-1986),--residents of Rockton, Illinois
*Son Ted Eugene Stiles (12-19-1955); daughter-in-law Monica Stiles; and grandchildren- Andrew Brandon (6-9-1985) and Matthew Ryan (2-28-1987)--residents of Houston, Texas
*Son Timothy Boyd Stiles (12-19-1958), daughter-in-law Christine Stiles and grandchildren--Brett Alan (2-25-1987) and Megan Elizabeth (1-21-1991)--residents of Sioux City, Iowa

Submitted on 2/1/95