Loretta Dorval Smith

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Rita and Loretta Dorval were sisters born in 1914 and 1916, respectively, in Springfield, Massachusetts. In many ways they were ordinary women of their times. They struggled through the Depression of the 1930s, married and started their families through the war years of the 1940s and the boom years of the 1950s, were bewildered by the turbulent 1960s, and enjoyed the grandchildren and retirement years in the 1970s and early 1980s.

They married two brothers, Richard and Theodore Smith, and between them raised seven children - four daughters and three sons. Rita worked as a school lunch worker, while Loretta's only job outside the home was as a school crossing guard for a couple of years. Rita was more vocal and outgoing at home and out of the home, while Loretta was content to be a housewife, never even learning to drive a car. Each in their own ways were mentors and role models for their children.

They both died of heart attacks at the age of 64 - the same age as their mother before them - Loretta in the hospital and Rita in the midst of a twirl on the square dance floor. They both left behind memories only children hold in their hearts.

So it is with respect and admiration and appreciation only age can understand, with a bit of sadness and regret for things that will never happen and things that can't be undone, with love and honor, that we dedicate these bricks to two very ordinary yet extraordinary women.

With love,

Rosemary Smith Rathbun
Philip Dorval Smith
Marianne Smith Getchell
Michael Peter Smith
(Children of Rita)

and Richard A. Smith
(Husband of Rita)

Submitted on 7/1/96