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Honored by:Irene Warner Swanson
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I am part of a long Iowa State tradition. I graduated from ISU with Honors in 1966 with a degree in History. My dad, Edgar P. Swanson, received his Masters in Industrial Education in 1944 from Iowa State College; and after the war he worked for ISU in the Financial Aid Office for 37 years. My mother graduated from Iowa State Teachers College (now the University of Northern Iowa) but was, and is, one of Iowa State's best supporters. My grandfather, Fred D. Warner, taught butter making in the Dairy Science Department back in 1919. My sisters, Kay Swanson Craig and Beth Swanson Duede and most of my cousins are all ISU grads, and the tradition continues as my niece, Suzy Craig, will attend ISU in the fall of 1995.

I was an ISU baby, went to nursery school on campus, got medical care at the college hospital and attended ISU activities throughout my life. I went to my first Stars Over Veishea in a basket and never missed a performance until I went off to Graduate School in Hawaii in 1968. Ames was a great place to grow up. I fondly remember ISU plays, football and basketball games, Cy, selling parking in our driveway to football fans, Veishea parades (I even marched in a few as an Ames High School student), attending Veishea open houses each year, collecting pine seedlings, glass-blown swans, cherry pies, and lots of handouts. I still love the beautiful, open campus and marvel at all the changes that take place from year to year.

As an ISU student, I lived in Welch Dorm and joined Delta Delta Delta sorority. I was a member of the Honors Program, Phi Kappa Phi (national scholastic honorary), Phi Alpha Theta (international history honorary), Lampos (local honorary of the College of Sciences and Humanities), and Alpha Lambda Delta (freshmen women's honorary). I was Chairman of the Student Curriculum Committee of the College of Sciences and Humanities was on the Science Council, did publicity for the Memorial Union, and was active in the Geology, History, and Anthropology Clubs. I worked early mornings at the ISU Library which I wouldn't even recognize now it has changed so much.

After graduation, I headed to Hawaii on an East West Center Scholarship. I earned a Masters in Anthropology, I got to study volcanoes up close and had a fabulous study trip through Asia and some of the Pacific Islands as part of the East West Center program.

Upon returning to Ames I worked for Dean Town and Dean Boylan in the College of Engineering, met my husband, Frank Seydel, got my first apartment, and bought my first car. When Frank finished his Ph.D. in 1973 in biochemistry at ISU, we headed to Princeton Seminary in New Jersey where he earned an M.Div. Degree and specialized in bioethics. Then we moved to Nashville Tennessee where Frank taught chemistry at Tennessee State University. Our two children, David and Roxanne, were born in Nashville. Our next move found us at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas where Frank was teaching science again.

For the past 12 years, we have lived in the Washington, D.C. area. Our family actively participates in the Boy Scouts, PTA, and many other school activities, church, dancing, piano, etc. Frank is Director of the Prenatal Screening Laboratory at Georgetown Medical Center. I substitute teach in Montgomery County so some secretarial work and sell jewelry. Pottery making is also an important part of my life. I get to teach a little and work for the studio part time.

David is graduating from Springbrook High School in June of 1995, in the top 5% of his class and is heading to Western Maryland College in biology/environmental science. He has just become an Eagle Scout, and loves plays, acting, and history. Roxanne is finishing her sophomore year--an honor student, a cheerleader, dancer, an actress in the Shakespearean Troupe and the school musicals, and a serious piano student.

No matter how many times we move, Ames and ISU still seem like home with many fond memories and good times. Maybe Iowa will call us home when, and if, we get a chance to retire.

-by Lynn Swanson Seydel, January 12, 1944


Dear Lynn,

 I'm glad to be able to honor you, our daughter, in this way! Thanks, Lynn, for writing about your life as I requested. You've been on or near the ISU campus from the time you were born until you were graduated in 1966. You were never one to look back--not when you trudged alone at age five way across the Iowa State campus to take swimming in the men's pool or when you left after graduation for two years to attend the East-West Center and get your Master's degree. Always determined, you seemed to know what you wanted. You're a fine craft person like your father, as prolific a potter as he was a maker of delightful wooden toys! So proud of you and Frank for the excellent way you have encouraged Roxanne and David in each and every way. You have been there for them all these years--never taking a full time job. Now, you too, can rejoice as my grandchildren continue to do so well.


Submitted on 5/15/94

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Irene Warner Swanson 1913-2006
Kay Swanson Craig 1947
Suzanne Kathryn Craig 1976
Kathryn Lynn Craig 1979
Lynn Swanson Seydel 1944
Roxanne Elizabeth Seydel 1979
Beth Swanson Duede 1948
Melissa Marie Duede 1976
Laura Renee Duede 1984
Beth Carolyn Warner 1888-1960
Eunice Decker Warner 1856-1942
Estella Irene Martin 1853-1940