Mary C. Thompson

Honored by:Her students and friends
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Mary has a long history of service to college students. During the years 1957 to 1966 she was the "housemother" for approximately 60 college men living in two rooming houses which she and her husband, Lester, owned at the University of Illinois. She also owned and managed a public steno service. Among other activities associated with the business, she assisted university students with job search campaigns. At the same time, she was raising a family of four sons, and putting her husband through school.

Between 1966 and 1974, Mary had numerous contacts with students, faculty and teachers while working as a publishing and duplicating secretary for the West Lafayette School System in Indiana and as a secretary for the Physics Department at Iowa State University. Mary was a teaching assistant for Business Communication, Department of English at ISU during the 1975-76 school year. She taught principles of business communication, including persuasion, application, and resume writing.

From June 1978 to October 1981, Mary was Director of Alumni Relations and Employment Coordinator at Purdue University's Krannert Graduate School of Management and the School of Nursing. She was responsible for increasing alumni donations dramatically and organizing the first Nursing School Annual Alumni Conference.

Mary's background with ISU's College of Engineering began in July 1976. Until June 1978, she was Special Assistant to the Dean and was responsible for placement as well as alumni fundraising and public relations. In October 1981 she returned to Iowa State and the same position. This ultimately led to her current position as Director of Engineering Placement which she has held since 1989.

Mary has touched the lives of thousands of students throughout the years. It is with deep appreciation and sincere gratitude for all she has done on behalf of students, that she is honored in the Plaza of Heroines. The list of people below is but a fraction of all those whose lives she has touched. Her gift to all of them will live on forever!

Brian Brownlow, Diane Christianson, Joseph Christopherson, Mariruth Dinville, Bob Dittmer, Sally Hopkins, Beth Hunter, Tom Jennings, Jim Leary, Aimee Lockhart, Amy Millmier, Amber Oakes, Craig Petersen, Mariaelena Pilon Gary Roethler, Ken Schauer, Chris Schieffer, Roger Schmitz, and Mark Taylor

Submitted on 5/11/94