Mary Kathryn Miller Murray

Honored by:Ann Murray Cutts & Jacqueline Murray Powaser
Brick location:A:9  map

We dedicate this brick to our mother, Mary Kathryn Miller Murray. Without her help, the two of us would not have been able to attend Iowa State University. Because we will never be able to repay her for all that we learned at ISU--about academics life and ourselves--we wish to make her a permanent part of the University that means so much to us.

We believe our mother belongs in the Plaza of Heroines for many reasons. Throughout her lifetime, she has developed a great deal of inner strength. She has the ability to look adversity in the face, sort through the experience, tuck bits and pieces of knowledge away, and come out an even stronger person. While battling cancer, she never once asked "why me?" Rather she put up a determined fight and won. She has since drawn on her experience to help several other women by providing support, suggestions, and most importantly, encouragement.

Being a source of comfort is something that has always seemed to come naturally for our mother. She is one of those people who always knows the right thing to say at life's most awkward moments. We still watch in awe as she comforts a friend who has just lost a close relative or as she bends down to speak with an elderly person at the nursing home.

Our mother has also been a good source of guidance and support. She is a very bright and practical woman with a good heart and a great deal of common sense. She has acted as a sounding board for both of us on many occasions yet does not interfere. She stands at arms-length whether we succeed--or fail--always close enough share in our glory or help pick up the pieces.

During the past several years, our mother has commented on how little material things matter to her. She has a great deal of faith, a true love for her family, and a focused set of priorities for her life. She has a fine sense of humor and is a delightful person to be around. If we had but one wish for our her, it would be for her to see her accomplishments through our eyes and the eyes of others. Our mother has learned much during her lifetime and has gathered more wisdom than many learned people ever will. She has qualities that no amount of education can teach a person and is far more intelligent than she would ever admit. For you see, our mother is also a very modest person--she goes about her life quietly, but all who are touched by her don't soon forget.