Mary S. Lyle

Honored by:Gretchen Woeste
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"Democracy in Family Life" was the subject of Dr. Lyle's doctoral dissertation. Her research showed that education via newspapers magazines community activities and more formal methods increased democracy in family relationships. Her career was devoted to teaching Methods of Adult Education to a generation of home economics teachers and extension home economists. She was recognized nationally in the field of Vocational Education and received a faculty citation as a Distinguished Professor from ISU in 1958.

Her work was certainly in keeping with the efforts of Carrie Chapman Catt to elevate the status of women. Mary Stewart Lyle was born on Sept. 12, 1897 graduated from high school in Shelbyville, IL received a B.S. in H.Ec.Ed. from Purdue University in 1921 a M.S. in H.Ec.Ed. from ISU in 1924 and a Ph.D. In Education from Ohio State University in 1942. She then began teaching at ISU attaining appointment as Professor in 1953. She died on April 24, 1972. As an undergraduate in Home Economics I served on the Student Faculty Core Curriculum Committee which met at Dr. Lyle's home in the evening. I took the Adult Education course under her and I remember her kindness when I returned to ISU for summer school before I began teaching. I taught adult as well as secondary Vocational Home Economics and have had many occasions to appreciate her teaching. Gretchen (Hall) Woeste H.Ec.Ed. 1951.