Mildred G. Kimball Paaske

Honored by:Miriam E. Kimball Colvin
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Mildred Grace Kimball Paaske, the second child of L. A. and Harriet Goodenow Kimball, was born in 1917 near Battle Creek, Iowa.

Mildred received her elementary schooling in Maple #5, a typical country school. One of her teachers was Agnes Mickelson, a sister of an aunt, Mrs. Laura Mickelson Goodenow.

Mildred's high school education was attained in the Battle Creek High School. She and her sister Marjorie drove a Model T Ford to school. One snowy cold winter morning the car's wiring caught fire about a mile from home. Mildred ran home to get their father and Marjorie stayed with the car. Neither had thought of throwing snow onto the car to oust the fire.

Mildred enjoyed the outdoors and all the ramifications of living on a farm—engines, motors, hauling hay, and driving/playing around with the car of an uncle who came to help her dad with the farm work many days in the spring summer and fall.

She often took a load of high school girl friends for a Sunday afternoon drive in the family car. She would drive in the hills which meant backing up the especially steep hills as the gas tank usually didn't have enough gas in the tank for it to do its gravity feeding job to the motor.

Mildred attended Iowa State College for two years until her mother became ill, and it became necessary for Mildred to return home and care for her mother, the home, and two younger sisters.

After her mother regained her health, Mildred got a job helping a young mother and friend of Mildred's sister Marjorie in Clinton, Iowa. Frances Greenlee had lost her husband via a train wreck and was left with three young children. To keep her family together Frances began to teach and needed help with the children.

Shortly thereafter Mildred took a job at a Feed and Seed Store in Lyons IA whereby she could again be somewhat close to the rural scene. She continued to live with Frances for a number of years. Time passed and Mildred subsequently became the office manager at Paaske's Furniture Store in Lyons, IA, which eventually led to her marriage to Louis Paaske, Sr. The furniture store continued as a successful business until a devastating fire caused by a pigeon which carried a live cigarette up on the roof of the building which started the fire. Because of the strong March winds the fire became an inverted tornado and destroyed the entire contents of the building in 1977.

During the intervening years, Louie and Mildred built, furnished, and enjoyed a modern cabin by a lake in northern Wisconsin at which they spent many great fishing and relaxing times. They were also very generous in sharing their "retreat".

Louie passed away very suddenly in 1994. Mildred continues to live in their Clinton home. She enjoys helping others in numerous ways, reading, and doing some traveling.

Submitted on 10/16/95