Nora Elaine Schmidt

Honored by:Allan Schmidt
Brick location:E:10  map

Born: January 19, 1936, Oelwein, Iowa
Mother: Laura Chase
Father: Herbert "Hubs" Hammond
Brothers: Ed and Jerry
Married: August 18, 1957, to Gerald Schmidt
Children: Allan, born March 1, 1960; David, born September 13, 1962

Every word I say, every action I take, every day I live, is a reflection of Nora, for she is my mother and I am her son. She taught me compassion, patience, and respect for others. She passed along to me her love of animals and nature.

My strongest memory of childhood is her rocking me in a red chair by the window when I was sick with chicken pox. I can still taste the homemade malts and pizza she made for us every Saturday night.

I will never forget the hard work and long hours she put in alongside my father to make our family farm a success. But most of all I will always remember her personal strength and courage when taking care of her own sick and dying mother.

Submitted on 8/21/95