Patricia Anne Morgan

Honored by:Charles P. Morgan
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WISDOM, AGAIN, OAK, BEST FRIEND, LOVE, and KEY. These are the one word descriptors offered by her offspring for Patricia Anne Morgan, one of the appropriately honored women at the Plaza of Heroines. In a time when much is being done and said about the shifting of traditional female roles, values and relations, she has a career that spans marriage, homemaking and a professional position in Education. She has accomplished this through the simple process of doing these things serially in the order listed and by maintaining her faith, a strong work ethic and a sincere regard for others. She believes that education is key to life and with education, women as well as men, can build a better world community. If you care to learn more about the order and the descriptors read on.


Born May 6, 1936

Married June 22, 1957 to Charles P. Morgan

Children – Sarah, Stephen, Anne, Mary

University of Arizona 1954-1957

Kirkwood Community College 1980-81

Coe College, B.A. Cum laude, 1985

Iowa State University M.S. 1993

Career history:

1957-1985, Domestic manager and at home mother church school and community volunteer.

1985-1991, Director of Continuing Education, Coe College.

1991-1993, Director of Continuing Education and Director of Career Services, Coe College.

1993-   , Director of Continuing Education and Director of Graduate Admissions, Coe College.

Special affiliations:

Beyond Rubies Conference for Women Advisory Board 1985-

Professional Women's Network, 1985-. PWN Woman of the Year, 1993

Way Up Conference for Women in Higher Education Conference Committee 1990-1992, 1994-

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Lambda, National Honor Society for Non-traditional Students


WISDOM, Sarah Marie Morgan, lst born – daughter

It seems to me that my Mother has always had an understanding of what is true, right or lasting. She is honorable and intelligent, and what I admire most about her is her wise sensitivity of and towards others. I would also choose the descriptiveness of the word Grace to characterize my Mother as it is with this that she moves, does and thinks. Most importantly, all these have always been her unconditional gifts to us.

AGAIN, Cerinna Mor Ross, Sarah's child - granddaughter

A wish and an inheritance of all she is.

OAK, Stephen Patrick Morgan, 2nd born – son

I chose the word OAK because it evokes a number of feelings and memories from my childhood associated with her. Think thoughts of a warm shady summer wind skating across your skin. Perhaps some adjectives may describe my Mother but they would not capture the essence and meaning of her. So I leave you with your thoughts.

BEST FRIEND, Anne Catherine Morgan, 3rd born - daughter

The word best friend is sometimes used loosely to apply to someone significant at any given time in a person’s life. The definition of a best friend for me has only applied to the one person who has consistently been part of my life, my Mother. Like any best friend there is an unconditional and accepting love between us. We reserve the right to give advice when it is not wanted or needed without fear of losing our relationship, knowing there will be no loss of respect, dignity, and love. Like any best friend there is a safety in knowing no matter what may happen in my life my Mother will always be there to pick me up and tell me she believes in me.

LOVE, Catherine Jean Conelly, Anne's child – granddaughter

When asked what one word would best describe her grandmother, my daughter Catherine said, without hesitation, LOVE; what more needs to be said?

STILL LIFE OF KEYS, Mary Frances Morgan, 4th born – daughter

There they lie among the bills, receipts, gum wrappers, loose change... a constant in the jumble of my life. The light plays across their metal surface and the gold one in the middle twinkles. Consider for a moment its form and function. A key unlocks doors, removing obstacles, and leading me to inspiration. Conversely, it also locks doors, protecting me from the outside world, and forcing me to face my own internal boogeypeople. It is a catalyst, starting my car and moving me in a direction. A key is unique and complex; if one grove or tooth is off by 1/100 of a millimeter, it will not work. A key is durable, tossed about dropped and used endlessly. In fact, a key works better as it loses its hard edge and achieves the glorious patina of life. There is one master key that does all these things that I carry with me always and will never lose. The key to my life is my mother, Patricia Morgan. 

Submitted on 12/15/94

Paver Inscription:

"Patricia Anne
Wisdom, Oak,
Bestfriend, Key,
Love Again"