Patricia M Carlson

Honored by:Helen, Michael, Richard, and Robert Carlson
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Patricia M Carlson was a faculty member specializing in special education. She taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses and served as the Director of Undergraduate Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as a Special Education Mediator and as a mediation trainer for the Iowa Department of Education, and in various capacities on committees at the university, college and department levels. She served as the major professor for over 70 graduate students. She provided special education services to students at schools in Nebraska and Iowa before returning to graduate school to earn her doctorate in special education. Her passion for education is evident in her varied activities and accomplishments as a faculty member at ISU.

Nominated by her mother, Helen M Carlson (a Plaza of Heroines honoree) and her siblings, Michael P Carlson, Richard L Carlson, and Robert J Carlson