Peggy S. McClanahan

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Peggy S. McClanahan was the first woman to serve as pastor of the United Church of Christ-Congregational of Ames, Iowa. She and her husband, Michael H. Montgomery, served as co-pastors from July 1989 - November 1994. Peggy was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma. She earned the B.A. in religion from Phillips University and the M. Divinity summa cum laude from Phillips Graduate Seminary.

Honored by friends in the UCC-C of Ames, Iowa: Malinda, Jan and Curtis Bauer; Nancy E. Brown; Judy Dolphin; Loya Getz; Dinah and Bob Kerksieck; Julianne and Gene Pirtle; Kristin Shields; Virginia and Bob Sinclair; Meg and Vaughn Speer; Faye and Jim Whitaker