Phila Etta Taylor

Honored by:Margaret Crandall
Brick location:G:28  map

Phila Etta Taylor, R.N.

b. Ames, Iowa Oct. 3, 1882
d. Chicago, Illinois May 7, 1968

My father's sister was known for her compassion - as was her mother. Phila gave a lifetime of service to ministries of love and justice. She was a Registered Nurse and Deaconess of the Methodist Church. She served the copper mining families of Bingham Canyon, Utah for many years. She also worked with young women at the Frances de Pauw Home in Los Angeles, California and at Wesley Acres in Des Moines, Iowa. She lived during a time when Deaconesses of the Methodist Church were required to promise not to marry.

Submitted on 4/95