Roberta Madeline Allison Sedore

Honored by:Jo Sedore & Carolyn Meyer
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March 28, 1919 - August 6, 1987

"Her children rise up and bless her; Her husband also, and he praises her"
-Proverbs 31:28

We could tell you about our mother. We could tell you that she was born March 28, 1919 in Ottumwa, Iowa to Alma and Harve Allison; that she was the youngest of three girls; that she married LaVerne Martin Sedore on August 22, 1948, and had three children—Alan Harve Sedore, Carolyn Lea Sedore Meyer, and Jo Ella Sedore; and that she lived her entire life in the Wapello/Jefferson county area. We could tell you all of those things and unfortunately for you, you still would not know who Roberta Sedore was or why we are honoring her.

Proverbs 31 describes her better than our words ever could. She loved her family and others, forgetting herself. In a world that believes in putting self first, she knew the true meaning of love and happiness. All those whose lives were touched by her were richer for it. She accepted the challenges and limitations of her life with courage and taught her three children the value of perseverance.

She left this world long before we were ready for her to go, but she now lives with her Heavenly Father in eternity. That is the true reason she is our heroine--she loved Jesus Christ as her savior and shared His love through her daily living to everyone she met.

One has many thoughts throughout life. What if we had more money? What if we had a bigger house, more land, a better career? But never, in any of our wildest imaginings, did we ever think: What if we had a better wife, a better mother? For we know that we had the BEST this life could offer.

Submitted on 1/29/95